Humans Learn To Produce Error-Free Embedded Source Code

Dave Morris


If you were expecting to read about a major scientific discovery on a new gene therapy to improve brain functions and reasoning skills to write error-free code -we’re sorry but you’re out of luck.

So what can we do to address the human element in the software development lifecycle? According to an independent study by UC Berkeley researchers “

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Topics: Code Review, code complexity, software quality

Building Better Software

Improving Reliability Safety and Security

We live in an interconnected world — people are interacting with machines and devices that are in turn communicating with each other-  our lives and livelihoods now depend on software.

Software innovation is driving the creation of new products and markets, increasing the pressure on development organizations to deliver more features under tight schedules and budget – and unreliable, unsafe and insecure software is not an option. 

This blog is intended to share insights and approaches to help organizations manage the increasing complexity of embedded software development and to launch secure, high-quality, feature-rich products, ahead of the competition

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